Shanghai Ya Dong Thanh, Huaqiang, China Gas Group Development Of Liquefied Natural Gas

China Gas Group announced the acquisition of Shanghai Asian Development prosperous import and export shares, and setting up joint ventures with China gas group, to achieve "gasification of the Yangtze River, a beautiful country" blueprint.

China Gas Group Yu August 1 signed acquisition Shanghai yadong Sheng import and export limited 51% of shares, with its business consultant Advisory, and logistics supply chain management and 300 home domestic and the international customer resources, promoted LNG (liquefied gas) transport vehicles in whole supply chain in the more widely of using, and using its associated company and business partners in domestic of many branch institutions dot and trade talent, help, and support China gas group implementation upstream resources, and achieved liquefied gas of store, and distribution one-stop, Can China gas group to accelerate expansion of the domestic business a great driving force.

Meanwhile, China on July 27, and China gas group signed a joint venture agreement to establish a joint venture "Hong Kong and China Gas Investment Limited" development and operation of Yangtze River and chaohu Lake within the LNG gas lighters and other supporting facilities, trying to achieve "gasification of Yangtze River, beautiful China" goal.

It is understood that LNG is known as "the cleanest fuel on Earth". LNG comprehensive alternative to petrol and diesel, reduces 30% smog sources.