Overall Approach To Natural Gas Development Strategy

Natural gas as a clean, high quality energy, optimize the structure of energy consumption in China, improving the atmosphere plays an important role. According to "strengthen exploration and optimum facilities layout, guide," approach, increase the intensity of exploration and development, promotion of reserves rapid output growth and further improve the matching pipeline networks, gas storage and LNG terminals and other infrastructure construction, speed up the gas price formation mechanism reform, to guide the market, promote the coordinated development of the industry.

Enhance exploration. China is rich in natural gas resources, tremendous potential for development, but low level of exploration, the current proven reserves are insufficient to support rapid development of natural gas industry, must increase investment in domestic exploration and development of natural gas resources, increase the size of proven reserves, constantly consolidate the resource base to achieve rapid growth in domestic natural gas production.

Optimized layout. According to the domestic natural gas production capacity, bearing capacity, changes in market demand and the international gas market trends, the steady introduction of foreign natural gas resources, diversified supply structure to ensure domestic supplies of natural gas.

Boot using. Integrated economic, environmental and social benefits for the development of natural gas, prices in line with international standards as soon as possible, improve the fiscal and tax policies, steadily expanding natural gas consuming market, guide rational consumption of natural gas and increase gas efficiency, optimizing the structure of gas consumption, city gas and industrial dyes as the gas consumption of the main direction in the future of China, encourage and guide the gas power generation, control chemical gas.