NGV GLOBAL 2016 Conference and Exhibition is the world’s leading natural gas conference, bringing together sustainable transportation stakeholders from around the world—fleets, technology companies, OEMs, infrastructure developers, fuel providers, and Government representatives and policymakers—to discuss the rapidly growing global use of natural gas in the transportation sector. The Call for Abstracts is now open.

The Program Committee is looking for exciting and innovative research, developments, projects, technology and marketing to showcase in the program. Have you been facilitating change, embarking on exciting new projects, completing rigorous research, resolving technical or commercial barriers? What is your success story? Now is the time to work with your colleagues and consider which abstracts need to be submitted and presented at the Conference.

Topics being covered include but are not limited to:

  •  Gas Quality and Composition – managing issues, ways forward

  •  Renewable Natural Gas: Synthetic, Biomethane, Power to Gas

  •  Heavy Horsepower Engines – technologies, applications, success stories

  •  LDV, MDV technologies

  •  Refuelling Technology CNG and LNG

  •  Marine Applications – bunkering, inland waterways; integration with land applications; challenges

  •  Logistics and Fleets – challenges, regulations, success stories

  •  Environmental Impact

  •  Standards, Regulations & Safety

  •  Fuel pricing policies and the role of government

  •  Storage Technology CNG & LNG

  •  LNG Production (small scale, localised)

  •  Natural Gas Vehicles vs. the alternatives

  •  Venture capital funds and investment

  •  Measurement, sales and taxation

  •  Research & Development

  •  Economics of natural gas as a fuel for transportation

  •  Regional Integration