Natural gas in Sichuan gas East: remote diagnosis system for measuring equipment was put into operatio

Recently, the branch branch of East Sichuan gas pipeline of natural gas metering equipment remote diagnosis (CBM) system was put into trial operation, marking the East Sichuan gas pipeline branches metrological management work to a new level.

Metering equipment remote diagnosis system in East Sichuan gas pipelines was the East Sichuan gas pipeline measurement error remote diagnosis technology application and optimization of the main results of the research project. The system establishment of East Sichuan gas pipeline 12 major gas transmission station 25 measurement of slip devices online management capabilities, form the main measurement equipment online monitoring and performance evaluation mechanisms. Its online monitoring diagnostic function, measurement system operation status, history, more direct and timely reflection of the technical staff, solves the "o line", it is difficult to run for the first time to understand measurement systems, delay measurement equipment fault detection and process issues. Measuring system of the system put into operation will be optimized and efficient delivery of technical studies, for metering system of East Sichuan gas pipelines running smoothly to provide strong technical support. Meanwhile, in avoiding or reducing measurement disputes, ensure the fairness and impartiality of trade measurement is significant.