Natural Gas Hub To Compete With European Political Energy

Natural gas trading hub is an enabling platform for financial transactions of natural gas, maturity of market trading hubs are different. Natural gas trading hub in addition to necessary regulatory frameworks and totally free market, also is home to multiple vendors and buyers. This is because the participants through role plays to determine the market price of the bidding process, and the volume must be large enough.

Typically, natural gas trading hub can be virtual, and can also be present. In a virtual situation, natural gas trading hub for the entire country or across the region providing a trading platform, any nodes in the region allows all natural gas is injected into the system network.

But in reality, the physical natural gas trading hub is being built in pipeline crossing point. Although virtual trading hub for the entire access system provides more flexibility, but in reality also has the unique advantage of trading hub, that has a capacity of transferring a large amount of natural gas.

Both forms can bring significant benefits to the State where the hub, and is not restricted to economic aspects, built hub also provides a large number of jobs. Meanwhile, from the political point of view, the establishment of a natural gas trading hub, can increase a country's geopolitical "chessboard" effect on the.