LNG Storage And Transportation System The Technical Requirements

First, product packaging, storage technical requirements

The dry ice products of the factory are packed in solid packaging, stored, liquid and ethane, low pressure storage tank, heavy hydrocarbon, pressure at room temperature storage tank, isopentane foaming agent stored at room temperature and pressure tank.

Liquid hydrocarbon, ethane, heavy hydrocarbon, iso-pentane tank or tank area, open fire or fire source, building and fire protection should meet the requirements of gbj16-87 "fire safety requirements for architectural design". The spacing between tanks should not be less than the diameter of adjacent large tanks. The spacing between tanks should not be less than 2000 meters to prevent fire from spreading and to extinguish fire.

Liquid hydrocarbons, ethane, heavy oil and isopentane can be surrounded by fire to keep the tank from leaking and well ventilated. The tank area shall be set up in a ring fire lane.

Second, the technical requirements of product transportation

1. Technical requirements for product transport tankers

All the products in the factory are in the form of car transportation. Liquid hydrocarbons and ethane are transported with low-temperature tankers or low-temperature storage tanks, heavy hydrocarbons are transported with normal pressure tankers, and isopentane foaming agents are transported by normal temperature and pressure tankers.

The low temperature storage tank is divided into 40 feet and 43 feet, with the maximum working pressure of 0.8mpa. The effective capacity of the 40-foot low-temperature container is 36 cubic meters per unit; The effective volume of the 43-foot cryogenic tank container is 40 cubic meters per station (90 percent full). At present, there are about 300 43-foot low-temperature water tanks in China. The cryogenic container is insulated with special insulating materials and high vacuum insulation. The evaporation rate is not more than 0.3 percent. Liquid hydrocarbon in domestic transport semi-trailer tank, 30, 45, 49 cubic meters of high vacuum multi-layer winding insulation semi - trough car, the design of the low temperature storage tank car than liquid oxygen liquid nitrogen more complete system of security, economy also is very high, and good insulation performance, safe and reliable, suitable for long distance transportation, there is no domestic ethane and liquid hydrocarbon operators cause leakage, fire and explosion accidents.

It adopts the normal pressure tanker (LPG), the normal pressure tanker (ordinary gasoline tanker), the domestic technology is mature, the application is very common heavy hydrocarbon transport. Inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals, China has mature regulations, liquid hydrocarbons, ethane, heavy hydrocarbons, isopentane transport in full compliance with the provisions of relevant state inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals regulations.

2. Technical requirements for product handling vehicles

2.1 automobile tanker loading and unloading operation shall be in accordance with the "safety regulations of liquified gas tanker" issued by the ministry of labor of the labor ministry [1994] no. 262

2.2 automobile tanker should be the safety supervision ordinance of "liquefied gas tanker", pre-filling inspection rules, and qualified before completion.

2.3 the loading pump shall meet the requirements of GB50028 "urban gas design specification".

2.4 gas stations shall be equipped with truck loading and unloading platform (column), which shall meet the requirements of GB50028 "urban gas design specification".

2.5 the fire protection facilities of the charging station shall comply with the GBJ16 building design fire prevention code and GB50028 the urban gas design specification.

2.6 the electrical installation of the filling station shall conform to the provisions of GB50058 design specification for explosion-proof electrical equipment. The construction and acceptance of electrical installation shall conform to the provisions of GB50257 "electrical installation and explosion-proof specifications for electrical installation, explosion and fire hazard environment".

2.7 the lightning protection design of charging stations shall conform to the requirements of GB50057 design specification for building lightning protection.

2.8 the antistatic grounding design of the charging station should be consistent with the requirements of GD90A3 "electrostatic grounding design of chemical enterprises".

2.9 gas station entrance should be set to know card.