LNG Storage And Transportation System The Request

LNG storage is an important part of the LNG industry chain. LNG storage tanks are only a unit of equipment in the LNG industry chain, LNG Storage And Transportation System but because it is not only an important device for connecting upstream production and downstream users, and large tanks have a high investment ratio for liquefied plants or receiving stations, Therefore, countries around the world attach great importance to the design and construction of large LNG tanks. Since LNG has flammability and ultra-low temperature (162 ° C), there is a high demand for LNG storage tanks.

The vertical LNG tank process includes inlet and outlet systems, inlet and exhaust systems, LNG Storage And Transportation System self-pressurized systems, purge replacement systems, LNG Storage And Transportation System instrument control systems, emergency shut-off valves and air control systems, safety systems, vacuum systems, Measurement and analysis of sampling systems. Also has easy to melt plug, fire arrester and other safety facilities.

The mother tank is an inner tank with a plurality of (three or more) sub tanks in parallel to meet the requirements of the large volume of liquid storage at the cryogenic liquid storage station. A plurality of cans are juxtaposed in one type of outer tank (mother can). LNG Storage And Transportation System The sub-tank is usually a vertical cylinder, the outer tank is a vertical bottom cover. Due to the shape of the outer tank is too large and other reasons, not resistant to external pressure can not be vacuum, the tank is atmospheric pressure tank. LNG Storage And Transportation System Insulation method for the powder (pearl sand) stacked insulation.

The tank is usually delivered to the site after the manufacture of the pressure vessel manufacturer is completed, and the outer tank is processed into parts and delivered to the site. LNG Storage And Transportation System The advantages of the mother tank are as follows:

1) rely on the pressure of the container itself, the pressure can be squeezed out of the way, without the need for infusion pump drainage, so easy to operate and improve reliability.

2) containers with pressure conditions, LNG Storage And Transportation System can be used at atmospheric pressure storage methods to reduce emissions during storage losses.

3) The manufacture and installation of the mother tank is easier to realize than the spherical tank, and the manufacturing installation cost is low.

Cryogenic liquid spherical tank inside and outside the cans are spherical. LNG Storage And Transportation System In the working condition, the inner tank is the inner pressure vessel and the outer tank is the vacuum pressure vessel. The sandwich is usually insulated from the vacuum powder. LNG Storage And Transportation System The inner and outer spherical shells of the spherical tank are assembled at the installation site after the forming of the pressure vessel factory. The forming of the spherical shell plate requires special machining tooling to ensure the forming, the scene is difficult to install.

There are three ways to transport liquefied natural gas: pipeline transportation, transportation and shipping. These three modes of transport, pipeline transportation, especially long-distance pipeline transportation because there are still some technical difficulties, there is no example in the application. LNG Storage And Transportation System And liquefied natural gas maritime transport technology continues to mature, shipping is the main way of liquefied natural gas transportation, accounting for more than 80% of the world's liquefied natural gas traffic.

In general, LNG pipeline can be divided into three categories: non-insulated pipe, LNG Storage And Transportation System ordinary heat pipe, vacuum tube. For pipeline transportation, LNG cryogenic pipelines have so far been used in peaking devices and LNG ship loading and unloading facilities, and the application of low temperature materials and equipment and natural gas trade have increased year by year, LNG Storage And Transportation System but it has not yet seen the use of low temperature pipeline long distance transport Examples of LNG. The latest theoretical studies have shown that the construction of long-distance LNG pipelines is technically feasible and economically viable.

LNG pipeline transportation is mainly manifested in two aspects: on the one hand because the LNG density is more than 600 times the natural gas, compared with the conventional gas pipeline, transport the same volume of natural gas, LNG pipe diameter is much smaller. On the other hand, LNG Storage And Transportation System the LNG pumping station has a lower investment than the natural gas booster station, and the former has a lower energy consumption than the latter.

LNG pipeline transportation there are some shortcomings, LNG Storage And Transportation System mainly reflected in: LNG pipeline and equipment must be expensive nickel steel and good performance of low-temperature insulation materials, in order to achieve a single flow of low-temperature liquid to prevent liquid vaporization, the need to increase the middle of the pipeline Cooling station. Therefore, LNG Storage And Transportation System the pipeline design of the complex design and construction technology requirements, long-distance LNG pipeline early investment.