LNG Processing Equipment The Function

There are many kinds of feed processing equipment, LNG Processing Equipment in which the main equipment affecting feed quality is granulator, grinder and mixer. LNG Processing Equipment In order to compete in the increasingly fierce feed market place, many feed manufacturers to buy advanced feed processing equipment, but due to improper use, resulting in feed equipment often malfunction. LNG Processing Equipment This article on how to better use the feed equipment, maximize its function, combined with the author's own practice, LNG Processing Equipment talk about the equipment used in the process of attention.

1 in the ring die installation, LNG Processing Equipment the tightening bolts and wires apply lubricant to increase practicability. Note that the butter should not be coated on the silk head to avoid reducing the bolt tension space;

2 The axial clearance of the eccentric shaft bearing of the pressure roller should be 0.12~0.15mm, LNG Processing Equipment the Assembly gap of the pressure roller, adjust the gap, wear clearance must be symmetrical.

1 in the granulating room feeding cone wheel ring in the guide material if wear, need to be welded again, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the feed.

2) The maximum wear of the modulator blades is 5mm, LNG Processing Equipment otherwise it will be replaced in time, and the phenomenon of the reaction wear is as follows: decrease of output, poor effect, LNG Processing Equipment blockage of material, and more accumulation of the inner wall of the modulator.

3 Synchronous Belt adjustment, self-test, measurement. The hand can be used to toggle the side of the sync belt 15. appropriate, up to less than 15. The description is too tight. LNG Processing Equipment More than 15. Description too. Synchronous belt can not be used normally, the main cause of the damage is the spindle oil leakage, dust-proof seal is not good, too big dust, the secondary shaft string shaft too loose, the point of the start frequently.

4 Pellet Machine Spindle oiling must be carried out according to the requirements of the machine itself. Requirements in ML unit, butter Proportion of 1L equal to 0.9kg, LNG Processing Equipment as required to calculate the amount of oil added. Reasonable operation, is strictly prohibited excessive injection of oil, or too much pressure injection, LNG Processing Equipment top bad spindle oil seal, resulting in unnecessary waste.

5 The particle machine in the normal work of the current difference can not exceed 5~10a; particle machine motor normal work rated current limit 55kw/102a above, 75kw/137a below; LNG Processing Equipment The working position of the pellet machine keeps the temperature of the bearing 45~50℃ around, and the normal operating temperature of the motor is kept below 45 ℃.

In the summer when the product shelf life is shortened, to ensure that the cooler discharge evenly, to prevent heat discharge, must pay attention to the wear of rolling support bearings, if there is damage phenomenon will lead to discharge plate deflection, LNG Processing Equipment cooling does not affect the quality of the finished product; cooler heat discharging will cause the finished warehouse temperature is too high, LNG Processing Equipment the steam rising leads to the water droplets in the silo wall, causing the dust caking mildew to fall off; the coolant leaks, the rolling bearing activity is blocked, the discharging plate is no longer leading to leakage.