LNG Processing Equipment Showing Diversity

Flexible manufacturing technology means: a device or production line, LNG Processing Equipment according to the needs of enterprises to meet the production of a variety of products. Relative to the traditional equipment, eliminating the need for each product has to adjust the mold, re-test and other processes. Flexible manufacturing has always been the pursuit of the goal of manufacturing, unmanned, high efficiency, high quality, low cost, rapid mold change, energy-saving production, non-production time infinitely close to "zero" has been the pursuit of equipment manufacturing industry. With the diversity of lifestyle and people for the pursuit of personalized products, LNG Processing Equipment diversification; sheet metal production gradually diversified, small batch production. How to coordinate a lot of types, small batch, high precision, short delivery time, low cost production mode and mutual relations, is China's equipment manufacturing industry production and management personnel need to consider and need to solve.

Today's ultra-precision machine tool technology development trend is: technically continue to move toward the limit of the direction of development, to a higher precision, LNG Processing Equipment more efficient direction, to large-scale, miniaturization direction; function to the processing and testing compensation integration direction Development; structure to the direction of multi-functional modular development; functional components to the new principles, new methods, the development of new materials, in general, is to limit the development of manufacturing technology.

Ultra-precision machine tool technology has now developed into a comprehensive system engineering, the development of the comprehensive use of the basic theory (including cutting mechanism, suspension theory, etc.), key component parts technology, related functional components technology, LNG Processing Equipment tool technology, measurement and test analysis Technology, error processing technology, cutting technology, motion control technology reconfigurable technology and environmental technology. Therefore, the highly integrated technology has become the main feature of ultra-precision machine tools. In order to increase the static stiffness and dynamic stiffness of ultra-precision machine tools, some ultra-precision machine tools with very special structure, LNG Processing Equipment such as the triangular prism vertical structure of the ultra-precision grinding machine is for large diameter (φ 400mm) wafer grinding processing design, The traditional gantry structure in the heavy processing load prone to pitch and deflection of the shortcomings. In recent years, the use of multi-degree of freedom parallel machine tool structure, and further increase the rigidity of the machine.

In the traditional air static pressure and hydrostatic bearing on the basis of control by the throttle feedback method to achieve active control of the movement to improve the bearing stiffness. Magnetic levitation spindle technology, permanent magnet, electromagnetic and air floatation control program has also been in the study. LNG Processing Equipment Porous material of the air bearing can increase the stiffness of the air bearing. The hydrostatic bearing has the characteristics of high rigidity and good dynamic characteristics, but the fever is its fatal weakness. The hydrostatic bearing is developed for this problem. Compared with the hydrostatic bearing, LNG Processing Equipment this bearing has the advantage of smaller bearing heat, suitable for high-speed operation, and no pollution, especially for silicon processing and other industries.