LNG Processing Equipment Main Features

LNG gasification equipment has gradually been widely used, but a lot of users in the use of don't know to need to pay attention to the items, so there may be some problems when using, so detailed instructions for everybody with LNG gasification equipment need to be aware of when using items:

1. Before each operation, the liquid gun should be swept, especially the ice slag and foreign material inside the inner seal ring, which can easily damage the sealing ring and shorten the life of the sealing ring.

2. The liquid gun seal pad is vulnerable to damage, and the cost is higher. When operating, the pressure should be balanced with both hands, then the pressure should be relieved and the handle shall be pulled out smoothly.

The sled LNG refueling station is a complete, assembled and tested LNG refueling system in the factory. The entire system is included in a crowbar (the aerator can also be set independently according to user requirements).

Main features of LNG gasification equipment

1. Good thermal insulation performance, quick injection speed, no need for pre-cooling.

2. High degree of automation, convenient operation and convenient maintenance. The whole system adopts PLC control to realize one-click operation.

3. There are various types of injection. It has two functions: pump filling and carburettor charging, satisfying the user without affecting the vehicle injection in the case of power failure;

4. The integration level is high, the system configuration is comprehensive, the function is complete, the key parts are imported original fittings, the electric control system is designed according to the explosion-proof design, safe and reliable

LNG gasification equipment in the application of the storage tank is critical, we must according to the instructions to operate, only in this way can improve security, about the use of the storage tank in LNG gasification equipment considerations, under the details for you:

1. Valves with double root valves, close to the tank, should be opened frequently.

2. When unloading the car, it is recommended that the limit of the storage tank should not exceed 90% of the effective volume (the manufacturer gives 85% to 95% of the geometric volume), and the residual amount should not be less than 10%.

3. When the tank pressure is high, not necessarily tank has a problem, should consider the leakage liquid heat and save time of the whole system, etc., generally in the need to discharge pressure pressure is greater than 1.1 MPa, tank under high pressure for a long time will affect the service life of sandwich vacuum storage tank.

The integrated LNG refueling station is a LNG refueling system consisting of a LNG storage tank, LNG pump valve pry, LNG aerator and PLC control cabinet/cubic system. Each pram shall be assembled in the factory and tested and debugged separately. After the site installation is completed, the whole inspection and commissioning shall be carried out.

Main features of LNG gasification equipment

1. Large amount of LNG storage tanks and large reserves can meet the requirements of large-scale convoys.

2. Modular valve box design with high integration and good thermal insulation;

3. It occupies a large area of land and adopts the technology of submersible pump protection, and the system is safe and reliable.

4. Vacuum valve box is adopted to reduce the generation of BOG.