LNG Processing Equipment Keep Straight

When the veneer is cut, it is usually the first straight cut, LNG Processing Equipment and then cut the width. Cutting the main equipment is veneer (veneer) shear machine, the common shear machine has two kinds of cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting, which is the use of hydraulic system to drive heavy-duty guillotine will cut. Shearing machine blade to always keep sharp, cut the edge of the veneer must remain straight, LNG Processing Equipment no cracks, burrs and other defects. The use of veneer shearing machine can cut the thickness of up to 50 mm into a pile of thin wood, high production efficiency, good shear quality.

For veneers with curved edges, LNG Processing Equipment the use of a conventional shearing machine can not be done for cutting operations, and special cutting templates and punching equipment must be used. Hydraulic punching machine (commonly known as punch) structure, which is mainly the use of four cylinders to drive the pressure plate will be washed to cut the veneer to cut the cutter die to complete the cut, LNG Processing Equipment the key part of the shearing machine is the rubber plate below the pressure plate , LNG Processing Equipment Which can not only reduce the virgin, but also to prevent damage to the blade. The splicing die is usually made of high-quality multi-layer splint as the base material, and the thin blade is bent and embedded so that the blade protrudes about 2 mm from the plate and the positioning position is made at the necessary position The Cut the wood will be prepared in advance to rely on the ground into the die for punching, each can only cut 2 to 4 layers, LNG Processing Equipment in order to completely broken into the principle of puberty. The use of presses can be cut into a variety of complex shapes, and can ensure that each shape consistent.

When cutting complex puzzle or small mosaic patterns (such as flowers and other art parquet), the use of conventional punching method easily lead to split unit broken, then you can use laser cutting technology to achieve. Laser cutting of the key equipment is laser cutting machine, the machine can accurately cut veneer, but also by adjusting the laser intensity and spot size control the edge of the cutting effect (such as charred special effects). Laser cutting the edge of the veneer good quality, can accurately control the cutting pattern, LNG Processing Equipment and easy to operate, very suitable for fine parquet cut, but the equipment is high prices, high energy consumption, the edge of the veneer burning edge, and the processing range is small, the current Technology is mainly used for art parquet production

Flattened refers to the already cut the thin wood unit, LNG Processing Equipment according to the design requirements to compile the corresponding width. Commonly used veneer stitch method has hot melt glue line splicing method, glue splicing method, paper tape splicing method three.

Glue line splicing is the most common method, which is the use of swing hot melt adhesive line will be two pieces of wood together. Common wired veneer (veneer) sewing machine is divided into automatic and portable two, as shown in Figure 4. The automatic sewing machine is high efficiency (speed can be up to 50 m / min), the quality of the stitching is good, but only the vertical stitching of the veneer is suitable for mass production; the hand-type sewing machine is easy to operate and the thickness requirement Low, LNG Processing Equipment in addition to vertical stitching, but also can be used for parquet mosaic, suitable for small factories or veneer parquet used.

The glue splicing method usually applies fast-curing thermosetting urea-formaldehyde resin to the side of the veneer and is rapidly cured under the action of a squeeze roll and a heating pad. Vertical veneer sewing machine with a pre-coating device, the wood can be cut directly after the stitching operation, LNG Processing Equipment feeding speed of 20 ~ 50 m / min; transverse grain feed high-speed sewing machine to reprovision coating machine, It is about to cut a good stack of veneer and then put on the table, LNG Processing Equipment you can achieve automatic continuous splicing into an unlimited wide large veneer, but also according to set the size of the mosaic will automatically cut into the required width,LNG Processing Equipment The machine is more efficient and has no special requirement for the width of the veneer, which is helpful to improve the utilization rate of the veneer material.