LNG Processing Equipment Function

The main equipment needed for toilet paper processing is a set of toilet paper rewinding machines, which consists of reel machines, paper cutters and sealing machines. LNG Processing Equipment These three manufacturers are to be with the Qi, that is, no air pump, go back to our own with a pump can be. And then you can choose according to our own needs to buy flattening machine. A lot of friends to the factory will ask, and some manufacturers are to the pump, why you do not have this.  

 Toilet paper processing equipment according to the axis is not the same, LNG Processing Equipment divided into different models, the axis is not the same, we use the large shaft paper width is not the same, the price of a set of equipment from four hundred fifty thousand to seventy to eight million range. We have to purchase equipment according to our base paper specifications to select the equipment model, LNG Processing Equipment relatively speaking, the shaft width of some, select the scope of the base paper on the larger, we have according to our local consumer spending habits, to see if add embossed Or the edge of the edge function. And then look at our local three-phase power supply is easy to find, if not found, we can give you a two-phase electric toilet paper rewinder. Now the market is more commonly used toilet paper processing equipment models have 1575 1760 1880 2400, LNG Processing Equipment which is more commonly used in several, the axis is divided into one meter eight, two meters, two meters two, two meters four. One of the smallest models of the lowest price for the 1575 model.

Many friends want to do toilet paper processing projects, but in the selection of equipment, because the equipment is not very understanding, so the choice of toilet paper processing equipment, LNG Processing Equipment always do not know how to choose, choose what type of equipment is good.

Raw paper processing equipment is mainly a set of toilet paper rewinding machine, which consists mainly of reel, paper cutter and sealing machine three. Toilet paper rewinder is based on the axis is not the same as divided into different models, the axis is not the same, you use the specifications of the large axis paper is not the same. For example, more commonly used models such as 1575 1760 1880 2400. Their axis were 1.8 meters, LNG Processing Equipment 2 meters, 2.2 meters, 2.4 meters. When we choose the base paper, LNG Processing Equipment the width of the large shaft paper can not exceed the axial surface of the equipment. 1575 model which is now the lowest model of the lowest price, the last couple of years more customer welcome, choose more is the 1880 model, the axis is two meters two. Above these are just a few commonly used, in addition there are many models. Toilet paper rewinder in addition to the model is not the same, you can also add embossed or pressure side of the function. LNG Processing Equipment When we choose the equipment model, we must first determine how wide our paper is, according to our base paper to select the model of the equipment, for our market groups and market positioning to choose whether we need to add pressure or Embossing function.