LNG Processing Equipment Fully Functioning

LNG processing equipment is a technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive integration of electromechanical products, its advanced technology, high degree of intelligence, control system based on integrated circuits, LNG Processing Equipment the structure is more complex, so the process of LNG processing equipment in the long-term operation of the failure of the complex, difficult maintenance. The fault diagnosis and maintenance of LNG processing equipment is an important part of its use, and is also one of the factors restricting its function. The fault type of LNG processing equipment is divided into two categories: display content and no display content, LNG Processing Equipment this paper introduces the malfunction and maintenance in the actual operation of NC equipments.

LNG processing equipment mainly consists of input/output device, NC device, servo drive device, machine tool electric logic control device and position detecting device. LNG Processing Equipment The working principle is: when machining, the size and process data of the workpiece will be processed according to the code and format of the system. Through the input/output device to the NC device, the process of data processing, the formation of a variety of processing information and processing instructions, the output to the machine tool electrical logic control device and servo drive device, thereby controlling the machine tool transmission equipment, LNG Processing Equipment complete the workpiece cutting and processing. In addition to the instruction of the NC device, the servo drive device interacts with the signal and the information between the machine tool electrical logic control device, so that the workpiece cutting and machining accuracy is higher. In the NC machining process, the moving parts are detected and monitored by the position detecting device, and the data and monitoring results are fed back to the NC device in real time, LNG Processing Equipment so that the data operation and precise control of the NC device can be carried out in order to form an effective semi closed loop control of CNC equipments. There are many faults in the operation of LNG processing equipments, LNG Processing Equipment and the fault types of different types of CNC system are not the same, but it summarizes mainly divided into two kinds of fault display system and no fault display, the following are briefly introduced.

Fault Analysis and inspection: Check the FANUC maintenance manual to know No. No. 401 Alarm is interpreted as: CNC system has not been equipped with the servo control of the finished signal; The number No. 403 alarm is interpreted as: Servo drive connected DC voltage decreases, according to the machine control system electrical schematic of the check, found that the control servo drive power supply contactor KM1 not suction, KM1 by the servo system power module control, check the Power module of AC 220V input and DC 24V output are normal, Check down the power supply module supply Servo drive DC 24V is normal, measured to the servo drive plug in the power supply found no DC 24V output, further check found in Figure 3 CXA19B plug in the power cord to break a root, the servo drive has no DC 24V input, LNG Processing Equipment so that the module CXA29 in Figure 1 internal often open point can not be closed, resulting in Figure 1 in the contactor KM1 coil in the servo command issued after the power, so that the servo drive driver is missing, LNG Processing Equipment resulting in this failure phenomenon.