LNG Processing Equipment Flexibility

Small flour processing equipment, how to control the rate of flour? Small flour processing equipment at any time concerned about the moisture into the wheat. Run wheat warehouse less, LNG Processing Equipment Run wheat time is difficult to guarantee, this is also a small flour processing equipment flour one of the reasons poor quality. Soft wheat generally in the 16h, hard wheat 24h or so, for the net has been overtime, do not separate grinding, with a timely mix of net wheat, mixed grinding to dilute the impact on the silty. LNG Processing Equipment Production, we must control the Run Ma time, to create conditions for the production of good powder.

Control the appropriate rate of flour: small flour processing equipment powder rate can be called barometer production status barometer, such as the quality of the original grain quality, LNG Processing Equipment moisture size, grinding roller sharp blunt, sieve silk paste, brush polished and so on, Will be affected by the rate of powder.

Multi-species small-volume custom production of low-cost, LNG Processing Equipment high reliability requires the production process of lean, multi-species small batch of custom production flexibility need to produce flexible equipment, multi-species small batch of custom production of rapid production equipment automation, If you want to make the production process lean flexible automation, equipment must be intelligent, LNG Processing Equipment the formation of intelligent factories, intelligent manufacturing, its essence is to control lean digital transformation of multi-level intelligent manufacturing evolution and evolution.

1, the use of quick clamping positioning fixture, the use of quick clamping positioning fixture, LNG Processing Equipment the factory is the first step towards automation.

2, the device integrates the automatic exchange device, optional automatic replacement, the workpiece device, in order to achieve a long time of automatic processing.

3, the configuration of the workpiece composite system, LNG Processing Equipment can support a greater number of workpiece facelift, can handle a variety of different tray system, the central preset data and numerical control program to ensure high transparency of the processing process.

4, manufacturing unit, through different machine tools and auxiliary equipment to achieve unattended processing, processing processes with high transparency, real-time access to the workpiece and process information, LNG Processing Equipment to achieve on-line measurement to ensure high-quality production.

5, flexible manufacturing system, LNG Processing Equipment all the machine tools and related information together to achieve the unified management of data flow and logistics, and the number of equipment can be extended according to demand for multi-volume production.

In the lean production line layout optimization, LNG Processing Equipment the perfect goal is to break through the VSM analysis of the workshop production, change to unit production line, and then a number of unit lines to transform a multi-product mixed flow unit line, so the perfect lean factory has no workshop island Production model, so on this basis, the formation of a number of intelligent units of intelligent factories. Intelligent devices, intelligent unit lines or modular equipment layout, direct response to customer demand for personalized fast.

Unlike traditional workshop production lines, LNG Processing Equipment there is no fixed layout, scalable, flexible process chain. According to different products, through a different path of production. Equipment can be negotiated between each other to optimize the CPS to form the various agents, different equipment modules can be independent and flexible from the process module to find their own path, through the cloud computing and edge computing collaborative distribution optimization decision.