LNG Processing Equipment Considerations

Preparation work and relevant precautions before adding gas:

(1) operation tools: safety gloves, anti-freeze masks, rubber hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable spanner, dry powder fire extinguishers (more than three kinds), flashlights, dry rags, pens, inflatable notebooks

(2): the operator must wear safety gloves, bare arms, not allowed to wear gas operation, to keep warm and cool, and recommend Zui good to buy a rubber glove outside.

(3) and the size of the circulation precooling process gas process, it is not allowed to use your finger touch the inner surfaces of the metal hose frosted parts, in order to avoid the accident of frostbite, operator, please must attach great importance to, standard operation in accordance with the instructions.

Liquefied natural gas refueling station equipment

The unloading operation of liquefied natural gas gasification station tanker

Tank car stops stable and connects:

The special oil tanker driving loading area of liquefied natural gas has stopped stable, flameout, hand brake, and the slanting steering wheel is made to prevent sliding. First of all, the static grounding line and liquefied natural gas tanker of the loading platform can be connected reliably, and the unloading box and oil tanker can be reliably connected with three hoses. Open the unloading oil cylinder outlet exhaust valve, open the tank at the top of the charging valve, valve, make the gas into the hose, then change from vent pipe and the exhaust valve, close the discharge valve, check whether the hose joint is seal leakage.

Tank and tank pressure balance:

Check the pressure inside the pressure tank trucks and tanks, such as the pressure inside the tank is greater than the pressure oil tank truck, and then open the top of the tank filling pipeline supercharger tanker trucks into the liquid pipe valve and the supercharger inlet fluid inlet valve, make the air in the slot liquid tanker trucks, in order to reduce the pressure of the gas phase. When pressure inside the pressure vessel inside the tank, close the valve between the cylinder and the filling pipe in the tank.

Fuel tank pressurization:

Supercharger will tank trucks and tanks entered between the air valve and air pressure tank liquid pipelines, and between the fuel gas pipe valves, by tankers pressurized turbocharged, in order to improve the gas phase pressure inside the tank.

Pool discharge:

When the pressure in the tank exceeds 0.2 mpa, the tank can be gradually opened from the liquid valve to fully open. Liquefied natural gas is discharged into liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks through the hose of the unloading tank and the loading and unloading port of the tank.

LNG station equipment specification

Maintenance of LNG gasification station

In order to keep the measuring instrument in good working condition, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work in addition to proper operation.

1. The working instruments shall be calibrated regularly according to the regulations. Make a regular zero adjustment to keep the pointer at the starting position

2. Check the instructions and records of the instrument. The instructions of the instrument and the control room show the consistency of the indicator.

3. Check the instrument power supply and maintain normal range (AC220V or DC24V) to prevent high or low power. Keep the wiring tube, the box is in good condition and the earth is good.

4. Check for damage and corrosion of instrument body and accessories.

5. Check for leakage of instrument and process interface.

6. The instrument should be easy to operate, always clean, clean with cotton yarn, check appearance abnormality.

7. Work. When an instrument indicates an abnormality, the horse should be inspected for service. The instrument should be careful not to be disassembled, and should be disassembled if necessary. If the disassembly transmitter must turn off the power, the cable and signal cable joints should be insulated and properly arranged and properly placed. When eliminating pressure gauge and pressure transmitter, the first shut off the valve pressure valve, pay attention to the export of pressure may be congestion, lead to partial pressure, material (liquid and gas) would rush to the victim.

8. The disassembly instrument should be in a prominent place. When installed, the number of the instrument should be installed to prevent the same type of instrument from being confused with the different installation of the measuring range, resulting in the failure of the instrument.