LNG Processing Equipment Common Problems

LNG Processing Equipment Mechanical manufacturing requires the necessary processing equipment, but the metal cutting machine tool in the general machinery factory has a lot of work, its workload is about 50% of the total amount of mechanical engineering. Mechanical processing equipment is directly related to the quality of mechanical products, and mechanical products and the national economy and material culture in direct proportion, LNG Processing Equipment so we must pay attention to the mechanical processing equipment.

1 common problems in the management of mechanical processing equipment

1.1 Weak Management Links

In general, mechanical production is to achieve a certain economic purposes, so machinery manufacturing enterprises do not attach importance to the maintenance and management of processing machinery. Not only the related management system is deficient, but also, the mechanical manufacturing enterprise lacks the high quality specialized management personnel, causes the related machinery life-span greatly to reduce, LNG Processing Equipment carries on the maintenance management to be more difficult, and the enterprise's benefit is very disadvantageous.

1.2 No reasonable use of mechanical processing equipment

In the actual production of machinery, because of the lack of mechanical knowledge of production managers, some mechanical processing equipment used in the wrong place, LNG Processing Equipment some machines do not match, and ultimately affect the normal work of the machinery. And many mechanical production personnel in the production operation is not in accordance with the relevant mechanical processing standards, so that the probability of failure of processing equipment greatly improved. At present, many of the mechanical processing enterprises have not participated in the relevant professional training, professional quality is relatively low, some of them although participated in the training, but because the content of the training is not applicable, also can not play its due role. These conditions make the mechanical processing equipment can not be smooth, normal work, and eventually there are more failures.

1.3 Do not maintain good mechanical processing equipment

Because the mechanical processing enterprises are focused on economic efficiency, and ignore the mechanical equipment management and maintenance, LNG Processing Equipment so that employees in the use of machinery also ignored the maintenance of machinery and maintenance. Many employees in the enterprise feel that mechanical processing equipment maintenance does not matter, LNG Processing Equipment as long as there is no big problem on the line. At some point even know that the equipment needs maintenance, but because want to rush, there is a mechanical equipment overload work phenomenon.

2.1 Strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection of mechanical equipment

To ensure the normal work of machinery and equipment, we must do the usual maintenance and inspection include:

Shan good equipment maintenance, combined with maintenance plan cleaning equipment, and timely replacement of damaged parts and equipment;

Shan attention every period of time to the related machinery overhaul, to develop a scientific and reasonable maintenance plan, and in the actual maintenance in accordance with the actual situation planning, to ensure the regular implementation of equipment shutdown and overhaul;

Shan in the process of equipment operation to carry out maintenance, that is, the equipment to carry out the work of the process of maintenance, LNG Processing Equipment for example, the normal operation of the equipment to replace signal lights;

Shan temporary downtime maintenance, that is, when the mechanical equipment burst failure, it must be stopped to overhaul it, see where the problem is;

Shan the appropriate adjustment of equipment, mainly refers to the adjustment of parts of the equipment, such as adjusting the tension of the motor transmission belt. In addition to doing the usual maintenance work, but also pay attention to the routine inspection work, LNG Processing Equipment for example, check whether the mechanical equipment can be in a certain amount of time to complete the established production quantity, can not meet the relevant rated technical performance, check the machine has not appeared temperature too fast, vibration or oil leakage and other abnormal conditions, to ensure that the mechanical processing equipment can operate normally and stably.