LNG Processing Equipment Broad Prospects

LNG Processing Equipment As the world leader in solid wood processing, the German power group in the field of woodworking machinery is well known, high-tech, high quality and quality service symbol. The arrival of Zhuo Da inspection, that is, fancy Zhuo Da new materials, bamboo steel, LNG Processing Equipment wood and other products are different from the traditional building materials superior performance and broad prospects, and Zhuoda strong combination of hope, complement each other, with Zhuo The cause of the platform to achieve a number of core patented technology industry, and jointly build green modular housing series of fine, LNG Processing Equipment promote China's green building industry modernization development.

Through this visit, Power Group will establish a strategic cooperative relationship with Zhuoda Bamboo Industry, provide world-class intelligent wood structure parts and other wood processing equipment and other wood processing equipment for the production of Zhuo Zha bamboo, wood for the material Indoor and outdoor decoration, LNG Processing Equipment energy-saving windows and doors, landscape, indoor and outdoor flooring, LNG Processing Equipment bamboo and other parts of the integrated parts and other parts. The same time as the above-

In the previous Power Group and Zhuoda Bamboo Industry Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement clear, the power of the company will strive for the best quality products, services and technical support, the two sides will be in the solid wood machinery automation equipment, LNG Processing Equipment industrial chain Extension, new product innovation, business management and personnel training, and other aspects of deep exchanges and cooperation.

Hand Germany, Japan and other countries of the well-known enterprises, through strong innovation, to seek the domestic construction industry by leaps and bounds to upgrade, LNG Processing Equipment is one of the direction of development. "We hope that more and more outstanding German enterprises and Zhuo Da cooperation, to bring us urban construction, housing construction and other aspects of new technologies, LNG Processing Equipment new thinking, new models, new results, while the German enterprise innovation, the introduction of Zhuo To promote the rapid development of our business. "During the talks, President Yang Zhuo Shu said that the Zhuoda Group in the country to develop new materials, bamboo and other emerging industries, green industry agglomeration help city construction and development.

In the traditional air static pressure and hydrostatic bearing on the basis of control by throttling feedback method to achieve active control of the movement to improve the bearing stiffness. Magnetic levitation spindle technology, permanent magnet, electromagnetic and air floatation control program has also been in the study. Porous material of the air bearing can improve the stiffness of the air bearing. The hydrostatic bearing has the characteristics of high rigidity and good dynamic characteristics, but the fever is its fatal weakness. LNG Processing Equipment The hydrostatic bearing is developed for this problem. Compared with the hydrostatic bearing, this bearing has the advantage of smaller bearing heat, suitable for high-speed operation, and no pollution, especially for silicon processing and other industries.

Precision ball screw is ultra-precision machine tool drive using the conventional way, but this way there are many shortcomings, limiting the movement to further improve the accuracy. To this end, the air-jet screw and liquid static pressure screw in some Japanese developed ultra-precision machine tools have been applied, but the use of this transmission method of parts processing is extremely complex, limiting its application. Friction drive has a smooth movement, no backlash and other characteristics, in some light load, LNG Processing Equipment low speed ultra-precision processing equipment and testing equipment has been applied. In recent years, linear motor in the ultra-precision machining equipment has been widely used to drive, LNG Processing Equipment has become a trend. LNG Processing Equipment Linear motor with no mechanical deceleration system without friction direct drive, LNG Processing Equipment suitable for high precision, high resolution, high speed and other occasions.