LNG Processing Equipment Applications

In the dairy concentration, multi-effect evaporator is more commonly used equipment at home and abroad. The main function of the device is to concentrate the liquid dairy into powder, LNG Processing Equipment into milk or increase the concentration of dairy products. Foreign evaporators are mostly multi-effect evaporator, and China's dairy processing industry is now most of the evaporation technology is still relatively backward, LNG Processing Equipment the evaporator is also limited to single-effect or double-effect evaporator. The application of the evaporator in the dairy products not only effectively reduces the production cost in the dairy processing, improves the production quality, LNG Processing Equipment but also saves the energy and realizes the low carbon environmental protection.

Homogenizer in the dairy processing of the main role is to make the dairy fat ball broken, fat ball crushing state can not only improve and improve the quality of dairy products, LNG Processing Equipment but also to extend the shelf life of dairy products. In the milk raw material milk detection, China has not applied and promoted small homogenizer. Therefore, China's dairy processing in order to get long-term development, must be in the homogenizer on the continuous exploration and innovation, LNG Processing Equipment widely extended to the dairy processing in all aspects and processes.

Dairy is the food of human life must be related to the health of most consumers, so the dairy processing and production processes should pay attention to the various processes of sterile sterilization treatment. LNG Processing Equipment Now dairy aseptic treatment system, dairy production is divided into high-temperature short-term sterilization and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization in two ways and equipment, LNG Processing Equipment these equipment and technology used in our country, and in the form of production line to the dairy processing industry.

Compared to foreign aseptic production equipment, China's dairy processing enterprises and manufacturers have developed a corresponding aseptic production equipment and sterilization equipment, LNG Processing Equipment and some have been put into practical production, but compared to the efficiency of foreign aseptic equipment and Function there is still a big gap.

Dairy testing equipment is an indispensable and very important equipment in the field of dairy processing. Detection system, including automatic testing of raw milk, LNG Processing Equipment testing equipment, and other special dairy products online testing.

China is now using the original milk testing equipment are mostly imported from abroad, of which the total number of raw materials, milk bacteria and the rapid detection of raw materials, LNG Processing Equipment automatic testing of fat in the fat measurement equipment is at high prices from abroad to buy. Large dairy processing industry will introduce advanced foreign advanced equipment to maintain their own business competitiveness; but a small number of corporate funds can not afford, LNG Processing Equipment basically the most traditional sterile detection method.

Membrane separation technology is a widely used to food, medical, energy and chemical and other areas of technical processing methods. LNG Processing Equipment In the dairy processing industry, it is showing great advantages, such as ecological environmental damage to the environment, LNG Processing Equipment the material can be concentrated or separated, without adding additives, to avoid secondary heat injury.