Compressor Widely Used

Compressor motor windings embedded thermistor, the resistance is generally 1kω. When the winding is overheating, the resistance will increase rapidly, Compressor more than 141kω, the Thermal protection module SSM action, cut off the unit operation, while showing overheating failure, th fault indicator light. The cause of the compressor overheating failure is as follows:

(1) Compressor load too large, over current operation. Compressor Possible reasons are: cooling water temperature is too high, refrigerant filling too much or refrigeration system has air and other non-condensing gas, resulting in a large compressor load, manifested as overcurrent, and accompanied by High-voltage fault.

(2) The compressor overcurrent operation caused by electrical failure. If the three-phase power supply voltage is too low or three-phase imbalance, Compressor resulting in a current or a certain phase current too large, AC contactor damage, contact ablation, resulting in contact current too large or due to lack of phase and current too large.

(3) Overheating protection Module SSM damp or damage, intermediate relay damage, bad contact, Compressor performance to boot that overheating failure, the compressor can not start. If the cell electronic board fails or the communication fails, it may also false the overheating failure.

Compressor is a general-purpose mechanical equipment, is now widely used in various fields, compressors due to motor power and the length of the spindle shaft, the amount of exhaust will be the size

Many users have just begun to do not know their own production of specific gas situation, according to their forecasts to blindly select, resulting in exhaust pressure is not, Compressor below the rated exhaust pressure, can not meet the normal use of gas plant.

You can check the pipeline for leaks. Close the valve behind the gas tank, if the Shan unit can quickly rise up pressure, open the valve, Compressor the pressure quickly drop, and finally in a pressure point, Compressor then can be confirmed that the compressor unit selection is too small, the unit emissions less than the actual production volume.

When the user is ready to buy air compressor, the first to determine the use of the gas end of the work required to pressure, plus $number bar allowance, and then select Air Compressor pressure (the allowance is to consider from the air compressor installation site to the actual gas end of the pipeline distance pressure loss, based on the length of the distance between the $number bar due consideration of the pressure allowance). Of course, the size of the pipe diameter and the number of turning points are also the factors that affect the pressure loss, Compressor the larger the pipe diameter and the less turning point, the smaller the pressure loss;

Therefore, when the air compressor and the gas end of the pipeline between the distance too far, Compressor should be appropriate to enlarge the path of the competent road. If the environmental conditions meet the installation requirements of air compressors and operating conditions permit, Compressor can be installed near the gas end

Compressor exhaust emissions decline, the above may be excluded, the first look at the compressor has been maintained? How long has it been maintained? If the environment is not very ideal, the compressor running 2000 hours should check whether the air filter plug. Compressor Light can be used to dust the compressed gas;

Many times, the compressor exhaust volume drops, there is no big problem, is the customer neglect maintenance, compressor air filter blockage caused by replacement of new air filter, you can use normal.

In addition, Compressor in addition to air filtration, run Shan synovial fluid and other filter is also very important, check whether run Shan synovial fluid within the standard range, such as missing, please add.