Compressor There Is A More Obvious Difference

The color of the frozen lubricating oil used in the compressor for a period of time will gradually become darker and the transparency will gradually deteriorate, resulting in deterioration and deterioration of the frozen lubricating oil, the cooling and lubrication effect becomes very poor, Compressor in the compressor operation The process will generate carbides, it is easy to cause the dirty system of dirty

Take the frozen oil without the use of the next, pour a clean glass tube or cylinder for a period of time after standing as a standard sample. And then need to judge the frozen oil from the compressor to take a little, but also fell into the same one container, with the eyes to observe the comparison. Compressor If the color of the frozen lubricating oil removed from the compressor, the transparency and the standard frozen lubricating oil color, transparency is almost, that no deterioration; if the compressor from the frozen oil and the standard frozen lubricating oil compared to the more obvious The difference, into orange or reddish brown state of the mixed state, Compressor indicating that frozen lubricants have deteriorated, can not continue to use, should replace the frozen oil.

1, close the suction stop valve, start the compressor a few minutes, the crankcase refrigerant into the condenser, so that the crankcase into a vacuum. Stop and immediately close the exhaust valve, slowly unscrew the exhaust valve to close the valve plug, the high pressure chamber left gas left. Compressor Unscrew the suction valve through the hole plug, fitted with conical joint and brass.

2, ready to lubricants.

3, with your fingers to press the suction nozzle, Compressor start the compressor to extract the air inside the crankcase. If you find the phenomenon of liquid blow, then let the compressor continue to run 2 to 3 minutes, so that the crankcase was a vacuum state, when the fingers of the nozzle to feel a strong suction when the stop.

4, the fingers pressed into the mouth of the mouth immersed in oil, Compressor immersed after the release, the oil from the tubing inhalation crankshaft tube.

5, observe the oil level indicator, the oil surface is to reach the oil line so far.

6, remove the brass and fittings, screw on the plug tightening, Compressor start the compressor so that the crankcase suction into the air out, when you hear the exhaust sound that is tightened exhaust valve plug.

7, open the suction, exhaust valve, refueling work is completed.