Compressor Green Facilities

Joint compressor in response to the call of the government, Compressor and actively cooperate with the environmental protection departments in strict accordance with the instructions to vigorously carry out and develop environmental protection work, the installation of energy-saving environmental protection equipment, in the environmental protection Bengbu compressor to make the benchmark role in the construction of painted carbon steel body, Baffle, G4 spray sticky, G4 active sticky, fan, explosion-proof lights, Compressor control cabinet, exhaust pipe and other equipment and facilities, in the compressor painting which, to achieve the greatest degree of pollution reduction, green manufacturing, environmental protection and energy conservation The best, not only to achieve environmental standards, but also to Bengbu compressor than the overall manufacturing enterprises, Compressor as a standard environmental representative. And noise pollution is also a key factor in environmental pollution, of which our professional installation of paint carbon steel room, you can live in the plant or the road near the household, to reduce the noise of mechanical equipment, to reduce noise pollution as a factory and living environment Of the target, Compressor has now been included in the national environmental protection standards of the rigid requirements. Well, our joint compressor should also have the responsibility to have the obligation to pass the skills of professional technology to reduce the noise during the work of mechanical equipment, better quality to create low noise operations and living environment.

 In order to better improve the quality of the joint compressor products, improve staff expertise, product structure for the knowledge, so that employees of the compressor equipment operation, maintenance more professional, and further to our products strict quality control, so that they communicate with customers Can better operate and maintain a good compressor. After receiving the basic theory of the compressor, Compressor the structure of the compressor system and the main parts, the installation precautions of the compressor, the experimental operation process, the knowledge of the electrical design and operation principle of the compressor, Compressor the profound understanding of the compressor from the theory and practice Structure and operating principle. In the joint compressor training, the technical department led the field of professional one-on-one learning compressor components of the assembly process, Compressor and the company employees on the compressor in the actual operation of the problems encountered in the exchange, so that employees in practice further Mastered the actual maintenance of the compressor parts of the correct maintenance and installation process. In the interactive communication session, Compressor the director of the technical center in the daily operation of the compressor, maintenance, maintenance problems encountered in the guidance, from the principle of the problem analysis and give a solution.