Compressor Common Phenomenon

The compressor cylinder is the compressor shaft was stuck, then the compressor can not turn. Compressor Compressor caused by the reasons for the cylinder or frozen oil does not come,Compressor  so that lubrication is not enough, friction increases, or pipe dust, impurities, causing the movement surface stuck, or pure mechanical failure caused by the compressor stuck.

Generally choose a wooden hammer or choose an available object in place. At the start of the press, the hammer strikes the three pads on the body. But to pay attention to strength, Compressor can not knock deformation. Gently hit the compressor shell, the stuck parts slightly vibrating, and sometimes can start running or put the power supply voltage up 10%, many times to start the impact, this method can solve the problem of insufficient lubrication of the cylinder, the rotary Compressors are particularly effective.

Increasing the capacitance is one of the most common ways to simply say that the capacitor is either a capacitor or a larger capacitor to increase the starting torque to make the compressor easier to run. Compressor Note: the compressor started two or three seconds immediately shut down.

Remove the compressor from the high pressure pipe with nitrogen to the compressor with a 0.1MPA reaction force. So that the axle machine parts have been loose. Fry for 5 minutes. And then use the above method.

Usually the compressor inside the scale, or dirty things caused by the cylinder, the above can not work, the compressor removed, the oil poured out. Add kerosene, and then pour out, for a time, the purpose is to clean the inside of the dirty things, washed the compressor upside down 12 hours, the kerosene down, and volatile out. And then add No. 25 frozen oil, pick up the compressor and then on the ground pier a few times, so that parts loose. And then start with the above method.

Air compressor operating high temperature phenomenon is one of the common problems in the after-sales service process, air compressor host exhaust temperature is the impact of air compressor safety, Compressor reliable and stable operation of the important factors. Air compressor running overheating in the summer is a common phenomenon, it often can not cause the attention of air compressor management staff. The occurrence of high temperature not only affect the production, but also exacerbate the loss of equipment, shorten its normal life. In addition, high temperature will accelerate the deterioration of air compressor oil, resulting in reduced lubrication performance, flash point decline, and sometimes high temperature will be caused by internal and external oil spontaneous combustion, Compressor resulting in air compressor burned, or even an explosion. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the operation of the equipment in the high temperature problem, the timely elimination of hidden dangers, to ensure the production of gas requirements.

Air compressor equipment, the normal exhaust temperature between 75 ℃ ~ 95 ℃, the exhaust temperature below the pressure dew point will produce condensation phenomenon, the system appears more water, resulting in oil emulsification, affecting the lubrication effect. Severe cases may be more because of the condensate, so that the oil and gas tank for the proportion of the proportion of oil into the air pipe network. This will not only increase the difficulty of post-processing, but also make the host bearings can not be lubricated in time to burn, Compressor and ultimately lead to host failure. And the high exhaust gas temperature, so that the compressor to consider the expansion of the reserved gap increases, high leakage to reduce the efficiency of the compressor, resulting in power consumption is still, while the gas production has declined.