Compressor A Common Phenomenon

Compressor wiring pile head rust rotten is a very common phenomenon, Compressor re-plug plug can not be used for how long and burned out, the reason is simply the pile head and plug contact bad burned. I am here to introduce a way to you fellow, on the first to find a few bad air switch to remove the pressure line terminal, and then pressure to the compressor head will not burn the pile head, and regardless of your pile head Rust more powerful, it is already used for many years of experience.

Compressor is a chemical, Compressor petrochemical production essential power equipment. Compressor From the energy point of view, the compressor is a machine that converts the kinetic energy of the prime mover into a gas pressure energy. With the development of science and technology, the application of pressure energy is increasingly widespread, making the compressor in many sectors of national economic construction has become one of the essential key equipment. Compressor in the course of operation, it will inevitably be some failure, or even accidents. Compressor Today, the small seven will focus on the compressor combustion explosion and compressor mechanical accident.

In the chemical industry, petrochemical production, Compressor the compressor combustion explosion accident is extremely dangerous, not only seriously affect the safe and stable production, resulting in extremely serious economic losses, but also cause casualties and building damage. Therefore, the compressor combustion explosion has attracted people's attention.

Most of the compressive media for petrochemical compressors are flammable and explosive gases, and are easily leaked under high pressure conditions. Flammable gas through the cylinder connection, suction and exhaust valves, equipment and piping flanges, welds and seals and other defects in the leak; Compressor compressor parts fatigue fracture, high pressure gas out to the plant space; air into the compressor System, the formation of explosive mixtures, this time, if the operation, maintenance and repair process operation, improper maintenance or maintenance unreasonable to reach the limit of the explosive concentration of combustible gas and air mixture in case of fire will be extremely fierce combustion, Even causing an explosion.

For oxygen compressors, if the oxygen flow into the combustible gases, grease, rust, paper scrap and other impurities and metal objects, when the lubricating fluid suddenly interrupted or supply is too inadequate, will cause the cylinder "dry grinding" lead to high temperature, Combustible in high pressure, high temperature conditions, and soon react with oxygen caused by spontaneous combustion. Due to heat accumulation and high pressure oxygen combustion, can increase the combustion, resulting in a very serious cylinder combustion explosion.

Petrol compressor and air compressor cylinder lubrication mostly use mineral lubricants, it is a combustible. When the temperature of the gas rises, more than the flash point of the oil will produce a strong oxidation, there will be the risk of burning explosion. In addition, Compressor the presence of suspended lubricating oil molecules, in high temperature and high pressure conditions, it is easy to react with the oxygen in the air, especially attached to the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe hot metal wall of the oil film, the oxidation is even more Exacerbate, generate acid, asphalt and other compounds. They are combined with the metal particles produced by dust and mechanical friction in the gas and are deposited in the cylinder head, piston ring, air valve, exhaust pipe, Compressor buffer tank, oil-water separator and gas tank to form coke.

During the start-up of the compressor, the air in the compressor system is not replaced with an inert gas or the replacement is not complete (oxygen content exceeds 4% or residual impurities such as combustibles) is activated. Compressor Due to lack of operational knowledge, Compressor Or ice machine) of the outlet valve, bypass valve caused by overpressure; in the course of the operation, due to the compressor gas regulator system failure, causing the gas pressure is too high, will cause combustion explosion.