Commissioning Of First Moving Natural Gas Energy Island In Suzhou

Use mobile energy island of liquefied natural gas (LNG mobile energy station) built in Suzhou Wujiang district official. This move marks China's first LNG power station was put into operation.

The mobile power station based on distributed energy design, using advanced internal combustion engine technologies, using LNG liquefied natural gas for power generation. Range of equipment by a 200-kilowatt static speakers internal combustion generators and an LNG supply integrated device, ensure the convenience and safety of energy stations. Set of power generation efficiency of internal combustion engines for 36%, high temperature flue gas recycling can provide users with 70-degree hot water. Compared with conventional diesel generators, LNG mobile station for each unit of energy per year to save the 30% the cost of power generation, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by about 17 tons, about 21 tons of carbon reduction.

At present, the data cloud mobile power station operation and management control, power generation, water temperature, voltage, load, LNG liquid, LNG flows and other operating data are available on the remote terminal and mobile phone monitoring, full use of the integrated system of intelligent control and optimization techniques. Describe in simple language are: mobile energy drink of the island is natural gas, vomit, electricity and hot water, with no chimney, and it does not produce a deafening noise.

Future mobile energy island for construction sites, accommodation camps, lack of electricity and provide a one-stop source of clean energy, secure energy (power supply) service for enterprises to reduce operating costs, reduce fog played a role. Because of its energy efficiency rational use, loss, less pollution, and flexible operation, good economy, low operating costs, high degree of automation of many irreplaceable advantages of subverting traditional patterns of energy production and consumption, to factories, construction sites, temporary power supply with natural gas and other clean energy instead of diesel generators has taken a solid step forward.