CNG Processing Equipment Widely Used

CNG Processing Equipment In recent years, with the booming tourism and property of our country, advanced guesthouses and villas have sprung up, and the senior guesthouses and villas are often far away from the city sewage treatment plant, CNG Processing Equipment to concentrate on the treatment of domestic sewage inconvenience. A new sewage treatment device, "CNG Processing Equipment Integrated wastewater Treatment equipment" successfully developed, solves the above-mentioned problems.

The practical application shows that the "integrative sewage Treatment equipment" is a kind of equipment which is very satisfactory and convenient management, it is widely used in domestic sewage treatment, replacing the waste tank with low removal rate and not reaching the national comprehensive emission standard. "Integrated sewage Treatment equipment" is widely used, with the following advantages:

Integrated sewage Treatment Equipment "can be buried below the surface, the surface can be used as greening or plaza land, so the equipment does not occupy the surface area, do not need to cover the room, no need for heating and insulation."

Integrated sewage treatment equipment is composed of pools, steel structure, buried deep shallow. Steel pool adopts the domestic first cross-wearing network anti-corrosion coatings for anti-corrosion. It is a rubber network and plastic network through the formation of interpenetrating network polymer, it can be acid, alkali, salt, gasoline, kerosene, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, rust-resistant. CNG Processing Equipment Equipment generally brushing the coating, anti-corrosion life of up to 15 years.

The AO biological treatment process of integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts a push-flow bio-contact oxidation pond, which is better than the complete mixing or tertiary series fully mixed bio-contact oxidation pond. And it is smaller than the activated sludge pond, the water quality adaptability, CNG Processing Equipment good impact resistance, water quality stability, will not produce sludge bulking. At the same time in the biological contact oxidation Pond adopts a new elastic three-dimensional filler, it has the actual specific surface area, CNG Processing Equipment microbial hanging film, film stripping convenience, in the same organic load conditions, than other fillers to the organic removal rate of high, can improve the oxygen in the air solubility in water.

Integrated sewage Treatment Equipment "due to the use of biological contact oxidation pond in AO biological treatment process, its filler volume load is relatively low, CNG Processing Equipment microorganisms in their own oxidation stage, so the production of less mud." In addition, the water content of sludge produced by bio-contact oxidation pond is much lower than the water content of sludge produced by activated sludge Pond. Therefore, the "integrated sewage treatment equipment" produced by less sludge, generally only 90 days or so to arrange the mud.

Integrated sewage treatment equipment "with soil deodorization facilities." CNG Processing Equipment It utilizes the upper space of the reinforced concrete structure pool to improve the soil and the cloth trachea. When the odor composition is dissolved in the soil moisture content through the soil layer, CNG Processing Equipment and then because of the soil surface adsorption and chemical reactions into the soil, ultimately by the microbial decomposition of the purpose of deodorization.

Integrated sewage Treatment Equipment "In addition to the use of conventional blower noise abatement measures (such as vibration isolation pad, muffler, etc.), but also in the blower room wall set a new sound-absorbing material, so that the noise of the equipment at the operation of less than 50 db, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment."