CNG Processing Equipment Use Specific

In daily life, CNG Processing Equipment we often see the kettle with a long time after the wall will scale generation. What is the reason for this? Originally in our access to the water contains a lot of inorganic salts, such as calcium, magnesium and so on. These salts in the water at room temperature can not be found in the naked eye, once they are heated to boil, there are a lot of calcium, magnesium salt to precipitate out of carbonate, CNG Processing Equipment they close to the pot wall to form scale. CNG Processing Equipment We usually water calcium, magnesium ion content with "hardness" that the indicator. Hardness 1 degree is equivalent to 10 milligrams of calcium oxide per liter of water. Less than 8 degrees of water called soft water, higher than 17 degrees called hard water, CNG Processing Equipment between 8 to 17 degrees called moderate hard water. Rain, snow, river, river, lake water is soft, spring, deep well water, sea water is hard water.

Raw water refers to untreated water. In the broadest sense, CNG Processing Equipment the water before entering the water treatment process is also referred to as the raw water for the water treatment. CNG Processing Equipment For example, water from the water source into the clarifier is called raw water.

Softened water, refers to the water hardness (mainly refers to the water calcium, magnesium ions) to remove or reduce a certain degree of water. Water in the process of softening, only the hardness decreased,CNG Processing Equipment while the total salt content unchanged.

In addition to salt water, refers to the water salts (mainly dissolved in water in the strong electrolyte) to remove or reduce to a certain degree of water. CNG Processing Equipment Its conductivity is generally 1.0 ~ 10.0μS / cm, resistivity (25 ℃) (0.1 ~ 1.0) × 106Ω · cm, salt content of 1 ~ 5mg / L.

Pure water, refers to the strong electrolyte in the water and weak electrolytes (such as SiO2, CO2, etc.), remove or reduce to a certain degree of water. Its conductivity is generally: 1.0 ~ 0.1μS / cm, conductivity (1.01.0 ~ 10.0) × 106Ω · cm. Salt content of <1mg / L.

Ultra-pure water means that the conductive medium in the water is almost completely removed, while the gas, colloid and organic matter (including bacteria, etc.) that are not dissociated are also removed to a very low level of water. Its conductivity is generally 0.1 ~ 0.055SS / cm, CNG Processing Equipment resistivity (25 ℃)> 10 × 106Ω · cm, salt content <0.1 mg / L. The ideal pure water (theoretically) has a conductivity of 0.05 μS / cm and a resistivity (25 ° C) of 18.3 × 106 Ω · cm.

The use of strong acid cationic resin in the raw water of calcium and magnesium ions replaced, and then by the softened water equipment filter out of the boiler water is a very low hardness of the boiler with softened water.

Methods: The use of specific cation exchange resin, CNG Processing Equipment sodium ions in the water to replace the calcium and magnesium ions out, CNG Processing Equipment because the sodium salt solubility is high, so to avoid the increase with the temperature caused by the scale of the situation.

Method: The use of a certain electric field or magnetic field in the water to change the characteristics of ions, thereby changing the calcium carbonate (magnesium carbonate) deposition rate and the physical characteristics of the deposition to prevent the formation of hard scale.

Features: equipment investment is small, CNG Processing Equipment easy installation, low operating costs. The effect is not stable, there is no uniform measure, and because the main function is only a certain range of the physical properties of the scale, so the treatment of water use time, distance has some limitations.

Work (sometimes called water, the same below), backwash, CNG Processing Equipment salt (regeneration), slow wash (replacement), fast wash five processes. All processes of different softened water equipment are very close, but only due to the actual process of different or control needs, CNG Processing Equipment there may be some additional process. Any sodium-based exchange of softened water equipment is based on the development of these five processes (which, automatic softened water equipment will increase the salt re-injection process).