CNG Processing Equipment Specific Needs

CNG Processing Equipment Usually LNG filling station system mainly includes: LNG storage tank, low temperature submersible pump sled, LNG filling machine, station control system and charging system. CNG Processing Equipment To adapt to the filling in the 3-5 million m3 / day, relatively large increase in the case of the use of such filling stations. Covers an area of 5-7 acres or so, mainly for vehicles more, CNG Processing Equipment filling the larger heavy truck or large city intercity bus.

The system can be configured as an L-CNG filling station or a mobile LNG filling station according to specific requirements

Filling machine safety requirements

1, explosion-proof electrical equipment, cable wiring device sealed reliable, spare wiring hole seal.

2, the components connected to fast, CNG Processing Equipment no loosening, no leakage.

3, the ground terminal contact is good, CNG Processing Equipment no loose, no broken, no corrosion, armored cable outside the burning strip without fracture.

4, filling machine hose without cracks, no air gun leak.

Compressor safety requirements

1, stable compressor pressure and temperature at all levels. Check the import and export gas pressure and temperature at all levels, timely adjust the supply and distribution of cooling water, to avoid abnormal changes in pressure, reduce the consumption.

2, add cooling water, control the water temperature. Check on time every day, keep the liquid level to overflow level.

3, pay attention to running noise, CNG Processing Equipment keep good lubrication. Concerned about the compressor moving parts with or without abnormal sound, check the compressor and other motor operating voltage, current, temperature rise is consistent with the process requirements to ensure that the operation is normal.

4, a variety of instruments, valves, CNG Processing Equipment safety accessories state is complete and effective, the valve switch is normal.

5, to maintain a solid and reliable pipelines at all levels.

6, the compressor in the operation if there is an abnormal situation, should be shut down for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Gas storage well safety requirements

1, is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the gas wells may produce sparks and hot work operations.

2, the normal working pressure of the gas storage wells shall not exceed 25 MPa.

3, regularly check the gas storage facilities for leaks, displacement and other anomalies, found that the problem in a timely manner

4, pressure gauges, safety valves and other safety accessories work well and effective.

5, regularly by the person on the gas wells for sewage, sewage pressure of 8 to 10 MPa.

Low pressure desulfurization safety requirements

1, the daily operation must accurately control the tower desulfurization time and the opening of the valve.

2, the thermometer indicates abnormal should immediately stop maintenance, troubleshooting.

3, regularly check the valve, CNG Processing Equipment safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer connection is leaked.

4, regularly check the exhaust valve is open, the discharge nozzle with or without clogging.

5, the use of chemical regeneration of desulfurization, be sure to close the inlet and outlet valves, so as not to enter the air into the pipeline, regeneration must be completed after the replacement of its internal gas.

6, after the regeneration of desulfurization according to the requirements of sewage.