CNG Processing Equipment Sealed And Reliable

1, CNG Processing Equipment explosion-proof electrical equipment, cable wiring device sealed reliable, spare wiring hole seal.

2, the components connected to fast, no loosening, no leakage.

3, the ground terminal contact is good, no loose, no broken, no corrosion, armored cable outside the burning strip without fracture.

4, filling machine hose without cracks, no air gun leak.

1, stable compressor pressure and temperature at all levels. Check the import and export gas pressure and temperature at all levels, timely adjust the supply and distribution of cooling water, to avoid abnormal changes in pressure, reduce the consumption.

2, add cooling water, control the water temperature. Check on time every day, keep the liquid level to overflow level.

3, pay attention to running noise, keep good lubrication. Concerned about the compressor moving parts with or without abnormal sound, check the compressor and other motor operating voltage, CNG Processing Equipment current, temperature rise is consistent with the process requirements to ensure that the operation is normal.

4, a variety of instruments, valves, safety accessories state is complete and effective, the valve switch is normal.

5, to maintain a solid and reliable pipelines at all levels.

6, the compressor in the operation if there is an abnormal situation, CNG Processing Equipment should be shut down for maintenance and troubleshooting.

1, the daily operation must accurately control the tower desulfurization time and the opening of the valve.

2, the thermometer indicates abnormal should immediately stop maintenance, troubleshooting.

3, regularly check the valve, CNG Processing Equipment safety valve, CNG Processing Equipment pressure gauge, thermometer connection is leaked.

4, regularly check the exhaust valve is open, the discharge nozzle with or without clogging.

5, the use of chemical regeneration of desulfurization, CNG Processing Equipment be sure to close the inlet and outlet valves, so as not to enter the air into the pipeline, CNG Processing Equipment regeneration must be completed after the replacement of its internal gas.

6, after the regeneration of desulfurization according to the requirements of sewage.

Acid mist exhaust gas from the duct into the purification tower, after the filler layer, the exhaust gas and sodium hydroxide absorption liquid for gas-liquid two-phase full contact absorption and neutralization reaction, acid mist exhaust gas after purification, and then by defogging plate deodorization by The fan is vented into the atmosphere. Absorbent liquid in the bottom of the tower by the pump after the top of the tower and then spray back to the bottom of the tower to use. After the purification of acid mist emissions to Guangdong Province, CNG Processing Equipment the emission standards of local emission standards, lower than the national emission standards.

The packing layer in the spray tower serves as a mass transfer device for gas-liquid two-phase contact members. The bottom of the packing tower is equipped with a packing support plate, which is placed on the support plate in a rubbish manner. Install the packing on top of the packing to prevent the air from blowing. The spray booth spray is sprayed from the top of the column onto the packing through the liquid distributor and flows down the packing surface. The gas is fed from the bottom of the column, CNG Processing Equipment distributed through the gas distribution device, and the liquid flows countercurrently through the gap of the packing layer. On the surface of the packing, the gas and liquid are in close contact with each other for mass transfer. CNG Processing Equipment When the liquid flows down the packing layer, the wall flow phenomenon sometimes occurs, and the wall flow effect causes the gas-liquid two phases to be unevenly distributed in the packing layer, so that the mass transfer efficiency is reduced. CNG Processing Equipment Therefore, the packing layer in the spray tower is divided into two sections, and the redistribution device is arranged in the middle, and then redistributed to the lower packing.