CNG Processing Equipment Principle Of Adsorption

The compressed air aftertreatment equipment is a complete set of equipment filtration drying equipment developed to remove the small solid particles, CNG Processing Equipment large amounts of water and oil contained in the compressed air of the air compressor, including compressed air cylinders, compressed air filters ( High efficiency oil separator, precision filter), compressed air dryer (freeze dryer, adsorption dryer), compressed air rear cooler.

The role of the filter: compressed air in addition to containing water, there are oil, CNG Processing Equipment dust and a variety of odor components, the physical method of filtering to remove these compressed air pollutants equipment called the filter.

Filter optional: optional filter must be in accordance with the order of filtration accuracy level increase, can not skip the previous filter level and directly matching the next filter level.

The effect of the freeze dryer: the compressed air contains 100% relative humidity moisture, with its cooling in the pipeline, the water will precipitate, so as to bring a lot of drawbacks of gas equipment. Frozen dryer is the use of refrigeration technology to compress the compressed air to the required dew point temperature (2-10 ℃), which will contain the water vapor condensed into droplets, drained by the drainage machine outside the drying equipment.

Frozen dryer specifications of the matching: optional processing capacity and air compressor volume flow close to the working pressure and air compressor working pressure can be quite. CNG Processing Equipment In some industries with high quality requirements for compressed air, it is not advisable to choose a refrigerated dryer, which must be equipped with an adsorption dryer or a combined dryer

Adsorption dryer is a reference to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, the use of double-cavity structure, the adsorption chamber is equipped with a number of desiccant (alumina), when the compressed air into the adsorption chamber and desiccant contact, the use of pressure swing principle Dry compressed air, CNG Processing Equipment dew point temperature can reach -40 or less.

"Integrated sewage treatment equipment" by the pool composition, steel structure, shallow depth. Steel structure pool using the first interpenetrating network anti-corrosion coating for anti-corrosion. It is a rubber network and plastic network through each other through the formation of interpenetrating polymer network, it can acid, alkali, salt, gasoline, kerosene, anti-aging, anti-abrasion, to rust. Equipment, CNG Processing Equipment the general brushing the paint, the corrosion life of up to 15 years or more.

Integrated sewage treatment equipment "in the AO biological treatment process using push-flow biological contact oxidation tank, its treatment effect is better than fully mixed or two, three series of fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank and it is more than activated sludge The pool has a small volume, strong adaptability to water quality, good impact resistance, stable water quality and no sludge expansion, and a new type of elastic three-dimensional filler is used in the biological contact oxidation tank. CNG Processing Equipment It has the actual specific surface area, , Easy to remove the film, under the same organic load conditions, than other fillers on the organic matter removal rate, can improve the oxygen in the air solubility in water.

Integrated sewage treatment equipment "due to the biological treatment process in the AO biological use of the oxidation tank, the packing of the volume load is relatively low, CNG Processing Equipment microbial in its own oxidation stage, so the production of less mud. In addition, biological contact oxidation tank produced pollution The moisture content of the mud is much lower than that of the activated sludge pond.Therefore, the "integrated sewage treatment equipment" produces less sludge, usually only about 90 days row of mud.