CNG Processing Equipment Physical Phenomena

CNG station found dangerous, repair tasks to emergency rescue group, CNG Processing Equipment under the command of the company's leading group under the command of the rescue, the company actively cooperate with other departments in the shortest possible time to eliminate the danger.

(1) operator found danger, should immediately turn off the total outlet valve, and control the pressure is positive pressure. At the same time issued a fire accident alarm, CNG Processing Equipment call the fire phone, evacuation near the unrelated personnel.

(2) immediately report to the company, CNG Processing Equipment start the emergency procedures.

(3) Emergency rescue team leader to organize rescue personnel into a position and is responsible for field command.

(4) with a water gun at the root of the flame to spray, to fire.

(5) to the accident adjacent CNG filling vehicles and equipment spray cooling, to prevent the CNG filling vehicles and equipment, the pressure rise and explosion.

(6) After the fire, CNG Processing Equipment to confirm the natural gas concentration below the explosion limit, immediately organize personnel to repair and find the reasons.

(7) after the repair is completed, after passing the test to restore the gas work, CNG Processing Equipment and make a record.

Such as the fire, close the total outlet valve, fire extinguisher with fire extinguishers, while the amount of the train quickly out of the dangerous area, to the safe area for fighting, if the bottle of fire, should quickly use asbestos blanket or take off the uniforms Strict, choking fire extinguishing. CNG Processing Equipment Ready to repair tools, to be destroyed after the fire was organized repair. If there is no fire, press the emergency stop button system to stop running, close the leaky air interface where the manual control valve, while cutting off all power (except fire power) and open flame. Will be handled by the system after the maintenance of qualified personnel for maintenance. Pay attention to alert, control traffic.

Such as fire, with a fire extinguisher fire, CNG Processing Equipment while the water gun for cooling. If there is no fire, cut off all power (except fire power) and open flame. Special circumstances the car parked near the open area, let it slowly missing. And then by the professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. Pay attention to alert, control traffic.

(1) members of the rescue group must obey orders, CNG Processing Equipment listen to the command, in case of danger on call, if necessary, rescue team leader at any time to send any department to participate in the rescue; company leaders and other rescue personnel in place, CNG Processing Equipment according to the company Repair the implementation of the plan.

(2) rescue personnel after receiving the accident alarm, you can take a car and other means quickly rushed to the scene.

(3) rescue personnel must be proficient in a variety of maintenance and rescue technology, CNG Processing Equipment will be the correct use of fire equipment.

(4) in the implementation of this program, the operation of the operator must wear protective clothing, CNG Processing Equipment wearing protective equipment, follow the command of a unified deployment.

In the wastewater treatment, CNG Processing Equipment air floatation technology is actually a solid-liquid separation process. Only in the case of suspended particles in the water (raw water has been formed such as fiber, sediment, sludge, etc. CNG Processing Equipment or waste water by chemical or physical method in the water was dissolved, colloidal into suspended solids) and a sufficient number of fine bubbles Resulting in adhesion, wrapping and other physical phenomena, so that the proportion of particles less than water to achieve separation purposes.