CNG Processing Equipment Physical Method

The compressed air aftertreatment equipment is a complete set of equipment filtration drying equipment developed to remove the small solid particles, CNG Processing Equipment large amounts of water and oil contained in the compressed air of the air compressor, including compressed air cylinders, compressed air filters ( High efficiency oil separator, precision filter), compressed air dryer (freeze dryer, adsorption dryer), compressed air rear cooler.

1, the role of the filter: compressed air in addition to containing water, there are oil, dust and a variety of odor components, the physical method of filtering to remove these compressed air pollutants equipment called the filter.

2, the filter of the optional: optional filter must be in accordance with the order of filtration accuracy level increase, can not skip the front of the filter level and directly matching the back of the filter level.

1, the role of the freeze dryer: Compressed air contains 100% relative humidity moisture, with its cooling in the pipeline, the water will precipitate, CNG Processing Equipment so that gas equipment to bring many drawbacks. Frozen dryer is the use of refrigeration technology to compress the compressed air to the required dew point temperature (2-10 ℃), which will contain the water vapor condensed into droplets, CNG Processing Equipment drained by the drainage machine outside the drying equipment.

2, frozen dryer specifications of the matching: optional processing capacity and air compressor volume flow close to the working pressure and air compressor work pressure can be quite. In some industries with high quality requirements for compressed air, it is not advisable to choose a refrigerated dryer, which must be equipped with an adsorption dryer or a combined dryer.

3, adsorption dryer is the principle of pressure swing adsorption, the use of double-cavity structure, the adsorption chamber is equipped with a number of desiccant (alumina), when the compressed air into the adsorption chamber and desiccant contact, the use of pressure Adsorption principle Dry compressed air, CNG Processing Equipment dew point temperature can reach -40 or less.

If the boiler water used in the treatment of water treatment equipment, the quality of the water is not good, and the water efficiency is not high will often speed up the boiler fouling and corrosion. CNG Processing Equipment The main reason is the improper use of resin to cause damage to the final oxidation; or iron wall of the furnace did not get timely and appropriate treatment led to the occurrence of iron poisoning resin; or the river as a boiler before the water did not filter, so that The resin is clogged by the mud and can not play a normal role.