CNG Processing Equipment Mechanical Treatment

Typical urban sewage treatment process mainly includes mechanical processing, CNG Processing Equipment biological treatment, sludge treatment and other sections. The system consisting of mechanical treatment and biological treatment is a secondary treatment system; CNG Processing Equipment the treatment effect is between the primary and secondary processes, commonly referred to as enhanced primary treatment, primary and secondary or incomplete treatment; CNG Processing Equipment Phosphorus removal function of the secondary treatment system is usually referred to as the depth of secondary treatment; in order to remove the specific material, in the secondary treatment after the treatment system is a three-level treatment.

First-class processing commonly used equipment grille,CNG Processing Equipment screen, crusher, grille dewatering machine, grid slag packer and a variety of scraping mud equipment.

Secondary treatment of the main equipment are all kinds of blowers, surface aeration equipment, air diffuser, pure oxygen aeration device, biological filter, biological turntable, CNG Processing Equipment biological contact oxidation tower, biological fluidization tower, packing and so on.

Third-level treatment of the main processing equipment are activated carbon adsorption equipment, ion exchange equipment, membrane separation equipment, flocculation equipment, CNG Processing Equipment disinfection equipment, strong oxidation equipment.

Sewage treatment plants and sludge treatment and disposal equipment are: sludge dewatering equipment, sludge anaerobic and biogas utilization equipment, sludge composting equipment and sludge fertilizer equipment.

Primary treatment is also known as pretreatment or mechanical treatment, CNG Processing Equipment the use of physical methods, through filtration, precipitation and other means to remove solid particles in the sewage, a section, including grille, grit chamber, pool and other structures to remove coarse Particles and suspended solids for the purpose. The equipment mainly includes grille, CNG Processing Equipment grit chamber (or grit chamber) and a sink and related processing equipment.

The use of malodor, organic waste gas in some substances soluble in water characteristics, so that stench, organic waste gas components directly contact with water, CNG Processing Equipment which dissolved in the water to achieve the purpose of removal. Applicable to water-soluble, organized emissions of stench, organic waste gas. Simple process, easy management, equipment operating costs are low, CNG Processing Equipment but the secondary pollution, the need for treatment of washing liquid; purification efficiency is low, should be used in conjunction with other technologies, the use of organic waste gas treatment alone poor.

The use of special high-energy high-ozone UV ultraviolet light irradiation of the exhaust gas, so that organic or inorganic macromolecule compound molecular chain, CNG Processing Equipment in the high-energy ultraviolet light beam irradiation, and ozone reaction to produce low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O and so on. Low cost of investment, wide application, high efficiency, simple operation, CNG Processing Equipment deodorant effect, equipment, stable operation, small footprint, low operating costs, with the use of open, will not cause secondary pollution. Good effect on organic waste gas treatment.