City Day Of Liquefied Natural Gas Processing Capacity Expanded To 1.26 Million Cubic Metres

Recently, a reporter from the city by letter Board learned that the end of September, a total investment of 230 million Yuan, Tian Yu Yuan, Bayan Nur new energy limited liability company daily processing capacity of 360,000 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas project was formally put into operation, is expected to achieve a sales income of RMB 350 million, revenue of 50 million Yuan. At this point, the city has put into operation the gas processing and marketing enterprises increased to 6, commissioning of LNG capacity of daily processing capacity of 1.26 million cubic metres of natural gas industry in the city has expanded.

In September, the city gas industry total sales income of 72.592 million Yuan, up-0.7%, raw materials consumption 27.882 million cubic meters, daily 929,000 Limi-0.3% per cent; production of LNG 14246 tons, up-0.1%.

1 ~ in September, the city gas industry total sales income of 550.246 million Yuan, an increase of 28.1% raw 222.391 million cubic metres of gas, daily average 824,000 cubic metres, an increase of 36.9% total 109970.5 tons of LNG production, an increase of 24.8%.