Natural Gas Liquefying Equipment

Natural Gas Liquefying Equipment
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Liquefaction plants based on natural gas/CBM/methane-rich gas such as shale gas as raw material, purification

impurity components, pressure throttling and circulation heat cryogenic refrigeration, get high purity LNG.

Depending on the user's requirements and the conditions of natural gas, to provide users with the best

liquefaction solution


The plant includes pretreatment of purification system, liquefied natural gas system (including pressurization, throttling

expansion and cooling cycle and heat cold box, etc.), storage and loading and unloading car system, control system, and the utility

system, etc.


 MRC full liquefaction process

 pressure difference of pipe network expansion process

 Complete Liquefaction Process of Booster Expansion Turbine Cooling


 Configure different pretreatment process, applying to different gas sources such as natural gas, coal-bed methane and shale gas;

 Plant use active amine decarburization process(MDEA), the method compared with MEA less foaming, corrosion and losing of amine liquid;

 Molecular sieve can be depth dehydration: even in lower water vapor partial pressure, which still has a high adsorption properties;

 Activated carbon to take off the heavy hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon and C6 + heavy hydrocarbon basic removal,

completely solve the problem of low temperature freezing wall, to ensure the plant long-term run

 The decarburization, dehydration and heavy hydrocarbon combined together, can reduce the number of switch valve, to improve the reliability of plant operation;

 Cold box design with Solid software to establish three-dimensional model, the model uses 1:1 real ratio, making the design work more intuitive and accurate

 Using Cosmos software to analyze the stress of the frame. To ensure that the strength and stiffness of cold box frame meet the requirements.

 Using professional pipe stress analysis software CAESAR II to analyze the low

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The equipment adopt MRC techniques, by means of multi component refrigerant cycle (N2&C1~C5 mixture),

to produce the different temperature level of refrigeration capacity required for LNG by exploiting the different

boiling point of each component in the mixture.


 Low energy consumption. Unit energy consumption of liquefaction is 30% lower than expansion

refrigeration cycle.

 Operable. According to our actual operating experience, the MRC process LNG equipment can easily startup, shut down and regulate the load, the time that required is almost the same as the expander process.

 High level of automation. It has been furnished with DCS.

 High security. It has been furnished with ESD and FGS.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Name

Parameter Value range

LNG capacity Nm3/day30,000~500,000
Type of refrigerant4-6Determined by the component of feed gas and other parameters
Liquefaction ratio %80-98The light component content increasing, the liquefaction rate decreasing.
Pressure of LNG product MPa0.01-0.6Determined by the selected tank
Sub cooled temperature of LNG3K

Sufficient super-cooling degree, to reduce the losses during gas

storage and transportation