Product Details

The compressed natural gas come from tube trailer with 25Mpa pressure. It connects the inlet point of equipment and the gas discharge to the booster unit. The boosting unit has two lines for gas supply. One line is directly connected to the low bank of dispenser. The other line is connected the boosting cylinder. When the tube trailer pressure drop down to the setting value (such as 15Mpa), the boosting unit start to compress the gas. The compressed gas fill to the medium and high bank of dispenser and storage cylinder. When the storage cylinder reached 25Mpa, the boosting unit stop working.


Technical feature

1. Adopt hydraulic piston compressor unit, high compression efficiency

2. Under the premise of the same capacity, compared with the mechanical compressor, the motor power is small, and the energy consumption can be saved, which increases the power utilization rate.

3. Adopt the constant power variable main oil pump, efficiency of the constant power state is given full play.

4. The equipment can be stopped at any time. Compared with the mechanical compressor, hydraulic is unnecessary to evacuation the residual gas in the equipment, less operation, reduce the loss of gas and save cost.

5. Compare with mechanical compressor, gas and oil cylinder seals adopt oil-free lubrication sealing, runtime without lubricating oil, gas and oil cylinder without manual or automatic lubrication device, cost savings, reduce pollution, realize the true sense of oil free.

6. Simple Design, easy for maintenance and low maintenance cost


Technical data sheet

Inlet pressure30~250 bar
Outlet pressure250 bar
Power consumption100 kw
Average flow rate2000-2400 Nm3/h
Dimension(LxWxH)10000x2438x3750 mm


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