LNG Gasfication Equipment

LNG Gasfication Equipment
Product Details

The ambient air vaporizer is the equipment that uses the air natural convection to heat cryogenic liquid(liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid natural gas and liquid carbon dioxide), then which is vaporized to gaseous medium with approaching ambient temperature.

The product is designed as customer's requirement, with novel structure, high instruction coefficient, long service-life, and largest efficiency of heat exchange. It has strong points such as no energy consumption, no pollution, easy to maintain and handle. So that it can reduce the operation cost for project.

We offers two types of it: 20-10000m3/h ambient air series and 500-100000m3/h water bath series. The installation, removal and operation are quite easy.

Inlet fluidLNG
Outlet fluidNG
Design pressure1.0-25.0Mpa
Inlet temperature
Outlet temperature-162℃
Pressure drop≤0.05Mpa