The safe use of gas

Q: Why put out the kitchen fire, you can smell the smell? At this point, should immediately open a smoke machine?

Answer: after 1997 production of stoves must have a flameout protection device. Once the flame goes out, flameout protection device can cut off gas source. However, this process takes a few seconds. So, can smell a little smell.

If a gas leak is found, immediately close the gas valve, and then open the window. Then get out and call the gas company. During this period, cannot be started indoors any electrical appliance, answering phone calls, switch on the light, be able to open the hood. Because if the gas concentration reaches a certain limit, the above can cause detonation.

Answer: wall-hung boilers installed in the closet is not appropriate. Wall-hung boilers in late in the process, such as a failed, cabinet space is too small, inconvenient maintenance. If you really want to install cabinets, care should be taken around the ventilation and leaving more room for maintenance. In addition, when the Cabinet, should be treated with fire retardant sheet.

Q: every time you finish cooking, do I need to turn off the stove piping before the valve?

Answer: close the valve after every cooking may result in valve loose aging. At home a couple of days, and the valve should be closed.

Q: buy appliances online should pay attention to what?

A: buy kitchen formal Mall is a good choice, product quality is guaranteed, installation services and more professional. In practical work, we came across many appliances installed are not in place, leading to instances of gas leaks. If cooking appliances online, first to require businesses to provide gas source applicability report to prove that the cooker can be in any area can be used.