Negative growth in domestic natural gas production for the first time

National Bureau of statistics figures showed May 13, China April output of 9.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas. China economic times, access to public data, it was found April 2014 domestic production reached 9.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which means that the domestic gas production has resulted in a negative growth for the first time in nearly 10 years. Earlier in March, China 11.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas production, edged up 2 per cent. 75%.

Petroleum Liu Yijun Professor May 14 afternoon in accept China Economic Times reporter interview Shi pointed out that, by international oil long-term in low and China economic growth slowed, many factors effect, domestic gas market has may from "gas shortage" (gas supply insufficient) Steering "shortage gas" (gas needs insufficient), gas mining speed slowed, in supply and demand pattern occurred changes of background Xia, summer appeared "shortage gas" of possibilities larger.

CNPC and Sinopec is a major supplier of domestic gas market, with China oil natural gas market share of more than 70%. Currently two oil companies haven't disclosed April natural-gas production. 2015 first-quarter released earlier showed, China National Petroleum, China petrochemical and natural gas production rose, but a slowdown, with China Petroleum rose 7. 7%, Sinopec rose 2. 8%. The same period, domestic production 35.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas, an increase of 6. 8%.