Natural gas prices change speed direction again is becoming clear

Natural gas is a clean and efficient fossil fuels, its development more and more world attention. In global terms, than oil and natural gas resources, natural gas has plenty of resources and support. With the advancement of energy price reforms in our country, natural gas prices also have sped up.

Price change to natural gas economy of "missing"

Natural gas market-oriented price reform in China's history dates back to 2005, has been more than ten years, after the 2010 gas price reform is cause for concern.

In May 2010, the national development and Reform Commission issued a circular, starting from June 1, domestic onshore natural gas benchmark factory price per thousand cubic metres of 925 Yuan to 1155, per thousand cubic metres increased 230 yuan, price increases to 24.9%. Gas prices, while improving management practices, rationalize the price relationship between oil and natural gas for vehicles. Thus, domestic curtain opened the natural gas price change.

The end of June 2013, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on adjusting the price of natural gas, gas management changed from factory links to gateway link. From July 10, the distinction between stock gas and increase gas, gas prices as a whole rose from 0.26 Yuan/cubic meters. In August 2014, the national development and Reform Commission, issued a notice on adjusting the stock price of natural gas for non-residents, in accordance with unified goals by 2015 and increase gas prices, on the premise of keeping the incremental valve prices unchanged, non-residents with the highest gas prices in the stock increased by 400 Yuan per thousand cubic metre.