Gas suddenly leaking multisectoral emergency relief

March 28 at 17:50, who lives in I city, North of the North District residents suddenly smelled a pungent flavor. North side community is found after a resident building (meter street, 5th floor) outside the walls of natural gas pipeline leaks, residents can hear from time to time in the downstairs "spiny" sound. Suddenly, around the building is shrouded in a pungent smell of natural gas. According to one witness mass introduction, before the accident, a car hit the gas pipeline, caused gas to leak. In order to prevent the escalation of incidents, call 110 alarm among the crowds in the vicinity.

Because the incidents took place in residential areas, residents set, not far away there is a senior apartment. Added on Saturday, nearby access to mass more, if not controlled in time, once the accident, the consequences would be disastrous.

Multi-sectoral joint rescue

After a few minutes, received the help of song police traffic patrol police arrived at the scene. To prevent accidents, patrol set up alert to divert vehicles and nearby masses; feedback to city police 110 command center and open the fire exit, waiting for the fire-fighting vehicles. Meanwhile, police 110 command center promptly notify the gas supply sector repair personnel, Medical Department, firefighters and other rescue personnel, mobilized forces quickly came to the rescue.