Energy conservation and emission reduction will boost natural gas market demand in China

According to China's petroleum economic and technological research Institute study showed that in 2014 natural gas consumption growth in China fell back to 8.9%, near 10-year lows. However, support based on China's policies on the natural gas market in the long term, natural gas industry still has broad space for development.

Pollution reduction issues to be solved in the process of China's current stage of development. Thankfully is, the Chinese Government has expressed strong determination to control air pollution and energy structure adjustment, market policy support is not reduced, seeks to accelerate the development of clean and renewable energy. The energy development strategies action plan promulgated by the State Council (2014-2020) suggested that by 2020 the proportion of natural gas in primary energy consumption will increase to over 10%, in 2015 on the basis of the double. While implementing gasification urban livelihood projects, by 2020 on urban residents with natural gas. At present, the country is accelerating the pace of market-oriented pricing mechanism, adjust policy on non-resident stock of gas prices, gas prices the nationwide push for residents ladder system infrastructure, policies encouraging infrastructure independent and third-party access system for the protection of natural gas market.