Daqing oil field natural gas "roots" marketing double high

In recent years, Daqing Oilfield in accordance with "protecting oil fields, civil, and focus on, the insurance industry and other users" principle, to take effective measures to promote the production of natural gas rose steadily, for the safe and smooth operation of natural gas. Order effectively increase natural gas storage in Daqing oil field production, of which 2.2 billion cubic metres a year supply of Harbin, Qiqihar, Daqing, and around as a civilian public gas, the rest use gas as oil field and do their best to meet winter demand for gas in the surrounding area.

Late last year, successfully deployed in xushen 6-303 the Department of Daqing oil field gas development wells and put into operation in xushen 9-3 well. At present, launch 5 new wells, increasing gas 420,000 cubic metres, guarantee natural gas output continues to grow.

The beginning of the year, strong demand for natural gas in Northeast China. Daqing oil field gas branch from full capacity by the end of last year, maximum drilling efficiency, its full of gas well productivity, go all out to "winter", well open rate at 95%.