Consumption of natural gas will push seasonal difference

It is understood that in July 2013, China's natural gas price adjustment programmes implemented, provincial prices according to stock gas and increase gas prices, respectively. Director of the China Center for energy economic research at Xiamen University said Lin boqiang, through three-step reform of marketization of China's upstream natural gas prices a basic implementation, has been linked with the international natural gas price conditions. Natural gas prices could straighten out, next Terminal gas price reform key seasonal price differentials, interruptible gas price differential gas pricing policy is a means of Terminal marketing of natural gas.

"Right now with the seasonal difference is very big, and peak in winter are often in short supply, waste dumps in the summer and a lot of resources. By seasonal differences, can effectively perform gas price leverage, which inhibit the growth of peak gas, improve Valley air, so as to increase the efficiency of network and society as a whole. "Lin boqiang said.