Concentrations of harmful substances in the air of our working environment allowing

The current allowable concentrations of harmful substances in the air of the working environment, mainly from two aspects. One of these is the hygienic standards for the design of industrial enterprises (TJ 36-79) table 4 of another since 1988 have been ratified, promulgated by the work environment harmful substances in the air quality health standards. In this paper, our current operating environment permissible concentration of harmful substances in the air together, list published for reference. At present only a few time weighted average permissible concentration of harmful substances, separated by a slash in the allowable concentration tables also list two numeric values, the denominator position in place of the time weighted average permissible concentration. It is to be noted that, allow the strength of only one component of health standards, not all of its contents.

China's first batch of workers exposed to biological limit values (6 species of toxic substances, monitoring indicators 8) approved by the Ministry of health approval, promulgation, their standard code number WS/T 110-1999~WS/T115-1999, respectively. Development of biological exposure limits for chemicals including: toluene and trichloroethylene; lead cadmium carbon monoxide organic phosphorus pesticides (see table).