Chinese oil and gas reforms or will be the first release of natural gas imports

According to understand, whole oil and gas industry chain is a contains upstream, and middle, and downstream of has many company of big industry chain: upstream is and oil and gas resources related of industry, including has oil and gas mining, and oilfield service, and oilfield equipment, field; Middle main is oil and gas of transport and reserves, main is divided into involved of related industry including has oil and gas pipeline construction, and oil and gas reserves, industry; and downstream is is oil and gas of points pin, including has oil and gas chemical products of sales and gas of service.

According to authoritative sources, the future is expected to be separated from the reform of oil and gas instead of oil, natural gas is expected to give priority to the reform in the field of oil, including the first to release the gas price and gas imports.

At present, the domestic price of natural gas there are two types of pricing mechanisms: one for pipeline gas and imported gas station price, according to the net back value pricing; another category such as shale gas, coal-bed methane gas, coal gas, such as the ex-factory price and source of imported LNG prices have been completely liberalized. The industry is expected to separate oil and gas oil and gas reform, natural gas imports will be let go.

In addition, the institutional mechanisms in gas pipeline network also needs to be improved. First of all, the natural gas pipeline should be separated from the sale; the second step should be the establishment of a trading platform of pipeline capacity, only to see a fair, just and open transactions, in order to meet regulatory requirements.