A brief history of the modern natural gas development in China

Modern Chinese oil industry has its origins in Taiwan. 13 year of Guangxu period (1887), the Qing government in Taiwan Miaoli to set mine oil, drilling for oil in charge of sulfonated oil field operations. This is the first modern Chinese oil industry management.

1904 in Taiwan discovered gas fields. In November 1939 in Chongqing baxian Gou using Rotary drilling rig, oil drilling for the first time into service 1. In Chongqing during the war has been widespread use of natural gas vehicles, commonly known as Air Charter.

Meaningful Government authority was set up in Shanghai in 1946 China Petroleum Ltd, under the KMT government's Ministry of economy, moving in 1949 to Taiwan.

Since 1949, China's natural gas industry into the modern stage of development. Starting from geological exploration in Sichuan and extend to the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia, and Tarim basin and coastal areas, carried out a large-scale natural gas exploration activities in 1958 laid the first gas pipeline in Sichuan basin, 20 km in length, diameter of 159 mm, from yongchuan cucumber mountain gas transmission to yongchuan chemical plant. Subsequently, pipeline construction, subsea pipeline, natural gas car starter, all activities were held.

Although China energy statistical reports, but the data is not complete, according to the global energy industry used the data of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, natural gas to China for analysis.